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Four new World Senior Champions crowned for 2014!
afisaThe famous GMs Zurab Sturua (Georgia) and Anatoly Vaisser (France) are the new World Champions for the senior categories 50+ and 65+ respectively while WIM Svetlana Mednikova (Russia) and the legendary GM Nona Gaprindashvili (Georgia) are the new World Champions for the senior women categories 50+ and 65+ respectively.

In the Seniors 50+, GM Zurab Sturua tied with GM Keith Arkell by scoring 8.5 points in 11 rounds and had better tie-breaks.

In the Seniors 65+, GM Anatoly Vassier scored 8 points and also had better tie-breaks over the other three tied players (GM Yuri Balashov, GM Viktor Kupreichik, IM Herman Van Riemsdijk).

In the women categories 50+ and 65+, both WIM Svetlana Mednikova (8.5 points) and GM Nona Gaprindashvili (8 points) won clearly their world titles.

The 24th FIDE World Senior Championships took place at the Olympus Riviera of Katerini in Greece, with the participation of 163 players from 40 countries and a prize fund of €20.000 for the winners.

See you 
next year in Acqui Terme, Italy!
"Chess 100" Presentation
Chess-100In the evening of Wednesday, October 29th, participants of the 2014 World Senior Championships were treated to a presentation about a new variant of chess, "Chess 100".

This new variant is based on the decimal system, in contrast to the established version of chess ("Chess 64"), which is based on the binary one. The chessboard's dimensions are 10x10 (100 squares) and the two sides have additional pawns and a new piece (the "princess").

The presentation was delivered by Mr. Alexandr Kochergin and was enjoyed by several spectators.
FIDE World Senior Championships started
afisaThe 24th FIDE World Senior Championships have started at the Olympus Riviera of Katerini in Greece, with the participation of 163 players from 40 countries and a prize fund of €20.000 for the winners!
The event is held under excellent playing conditions in the conference center of the 5-star "Mediterranean Village" resort hotel. Top names playing include famous GMs such as John Nunn (ENG), Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO), Mark Hebden (ENG), Anatoly Vaisser (FRA), Zurab Sturua (GEO), Klaus Bischoff (GER), Karen Movsziszian (ARM), Keith Arkell (ENG), Evgeny Vasiukov (RUS), Yuri Balashov (RUS), Viktor Kupreichik (BLR), Mihai Suba (ROU), Jens Kristiansen (DEN) and many others.
For more information and continuous updates, follow the results with live games and photos on the official website of FIDE at
24th World Senior Chess Championships
kateriniThe World Senior Chess Championships will be held in Katerini, Greece from 23 October (day of arrivals) to 5 November 2014 (day of departures). The tournament will take place in the conference center of the 5 - star hotel “Mediterranean Village” in Katerini, Greece.

Download the regulations (in PDF).

 World Chess Federation 2014